SfA Training Workshops

Workshop Raw Materials: Use and Adapt Freely!

This page has links to workshops with multiple Statistics for Action activities. These could be done at a conference, or for training staff to lead SfA.

Each workshop link below is a "Zip" file containing:

  • An MS Word document outlining the workshop
  • A PowerPoint file to help guide the activity
  • An SfA Overview/Catalog
  • A folder containing activities, data sets, and other support materials.

Most of these files are from actual workshops led by TERC staff and partner organizations. They were designed for a particular place, time, and audience. Please feel free to adapt and edit them to fit your situation. In most cases, we provide data and examples, but you're also encouraged to use your own case studies.

The Workshops

Here are four workshops built around SfA's four content areas:

A fifth, SfA Overview Workshop, uses activities from each of the different content areas. You can also download all five at once.