Using Statistics for Action

Statistics for Action be used in a variety of settings. Follow the links below for guidance on using SfA materials, based on your role and interests.

  • Organizers and Community Groups who want to engage with data to understand, strategize, and publicize their environmental situation.
  • Environmental Professionals who are already experts, but who struggle to explain data and terminology to non-experts.
  • Adult Educators looking for real-world applications for Adult Basic Education and GED-level math and science skills.
  • Journalists who want to report local environmental news critically and clearly.
  • Any of the above people looking for resources to use with Spanish speakers.
  • Stories about people using Statistics for Action, testimonials to SfA's usefulness, or other stories of of communities using data and math skills for empowerment.
  • How to Lead SfA Workshops

Here's an example of how one environmental organization, t.e.j.a.s., is using Statistics for Action in their environmental advocacy work.

t.e.j.a.s. and Statistics for Action