In its Year 2 report, external evaluator Arbor Consulting Partners noted:

"SfA has bolstered numeracy among Toxics Action Center staff–through materials and trainings–with positive outcomes for environmental organizers. TAC staff and leadership report increased awareness of the importance of numeracy, and increased knowledge about and comfort with using numbers, data and measurement in their work with community organizations."

Testimonials from community organizations:

"The change is dramatic. Before, I stayed away from math and science facts. As far as trying to explain the numbers [in test results], I didn't feel qualified. I was afraid of making a mistake that would hurt the campaign. Now it's sort of the opposite. I go into it seeking out math and science facts to show why this may be a problem and to educate [community members] and alert the press. I deal directly with reporters now. I'll put together a press advisory and send it. Sometimes they'll use it word for word!"

"It's great to have the resources available clearly marked and at your fingertips."

"Tips for environmental reporting was excellent and I will use it next time I do that kind of story! Soil testing guide offered good orientation and a lot of useful info."

"I will use [SfA resources] (1) to present data like contamination levels in a more comprehensible and visual manner, (2) as motivation to look at what might be going on behind the averages, etc. This can serve as an excellent reference."

"The website is definitely helpful when beginning a campaign or for exploring and learning more once the campaign has begun. I still find it overwhelming to take on the research! I like to be given the answers and just take that information to do the education and organizing work. But I do see that this website could walk us through how to find the information together, which is very helpful — without it I wouldn't know where to start!"