SfA for Educators

Statistics for Action situates opportunities for practicing math, science, and reading skills in a dramatic community context: one where people's health, homes, and children's well-being are on the line.

SfA activities can be used at the beginning of a unit to spark interest, and/or at the end of a unit as synthesis activities. Many activities cut across multiple standards.

Sample lessons by teachers using SfA activities (your ideas welcome):

• Can't Stop Breathing contributed by Selene Gonzalez-Carillo

Compare to Standards contributed by Michael Pitula

• In a Plastic World contributed by Meghan McNamara

• Toxic Exposure contributed by Meghan McNamara

Aligned to Standards

We've documented how SfA activities align with standards for math, science, and reading & social studies using three sets of standards:

Note that the Career and College Readiness Standards are based on the Common Core State Standards. The biggest change is that adult ed eliminates grade levels and replaces them with five levels, A-E.


SfA and Math Education Standards

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SfA and Science Education Standards

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SfA and Reading and Social Studies Standards

See the whole page. Includes:

  • Reading texts for central themes, and evaluating reasoning and claims supported by evidence
  • Reading text that uses graphs and data presentations