Making Science Accessible to Environmental Advocates

Stories of Statistics for Action in two communities, illustrating how an environmental professional might learn from the SfA approach to engaging communities. By Ethan Contini-Field and Martha Merson, published April 2013 by Earthzine.


Transparency of Water: A workshop on math, water, and justice

The story of an SfA workshop about tap water vs. bottled water in a community on the south side of Chicago. By Selene Gonzalez-Carillo and Martha Merson. Published in the Spring 2013 issue of Rethinking Schools and the 2013 edition of Rethinking Mathematics.


Getting in Synch: Environmental Organizers, Math Educators, and Evaluators Take On Contamination

A discussion of key considerations of a project designed to affect adults’ numeracy learning and the implications for evaluation design. Presented by Martha Merson at the October 2012 Conference of the American Evaluation Association.



Statistics for Action Final Report to NSF

Available in late 2013 or early 2014.

Final Evaluation Report

The Statistics for Action Project external evaluator, Arbor Consulting Partners, has issued its final evaluation report of the project. Here are the report and its appendices.

(Note: while this represents the final evaluation of the research and development phase of the project, TERC staff will be continuing to disseminate and train people on the materials for several more months.)