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The project at TERC is led by:

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TERC staff partnered with a number of environmental advocacy organizations who connected us with communities in need, piloted early drafts of materials, and gave us critical feedback on activities and resources.

tac logoToxics Action Center was the lead partner for Statistics for Action. Toxics Action Center offers assistance and training to citizen groups in New England facing toxics problems. Staff provide groups with information and resources to understand environmental threats, laws, and regulations, and to achieve their vision of a healthy, safe environment. Many of these groups appear in SfA materials as case studies.

bredl logoBlue Ridge Environmental Defense League has information on their website on topics from asphalt plants to nuclear reactors. They have seen it all and offer assitance to communities the the southeastern states.


tac logoLittle Village Environmental Justice Organization works with neighbors on air quality, open space, clean ups, and transportation.


nelrc logoNew England Literacy Resource Center co-sponsored The Change Agent, a biannual publication that contains stories for inspiration and ideas for action.


pgl logoOperation Green Leaves supports environmental education in Miami, FL, and reforestation in Haiti.


pesticide watch logoPesticide Watch works with California families and farmworkers to find sustainable solutions to control pests.



river network logoRiver Network offers information and training for groups looking out for the water quality in their local waterways and the health of people, plants, and animals around them.


Boston University SuperFund Basic Research Program Community Engagement Core led by Madeleine K. Scammell and Greg Howard contrubuted materials on health studies.


The following organizations were involved in our earlier planning grant:



External evaluation for Statistics for Action is conducted by Arbor Consulting Partners.

  • Mindy Fried
  • Madeleine Taylor
  • Margaret Connors


Other project advisors have included:

Math & Science Educators

Marlene Kliman, TERC
David Carraher, TERC
Alexander Goldowsky,
The Ecotarium

Adult Educators

Beth Bingman, Appalshop
Andy Nash, New England Literacy Resource Center

Environmental and Epidemiology Professionals

Steve Dickens, River Network
Andrew Friedmann, Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection
Joan Gancarski, Massachusetts Department of Public Health
Staci Rubin, Northeastern University School of Law
Madeleine Scammell, Boston University School of Public Health