Permit Granting & Renewal Options

Learn the Basics

Find out more about the permit process from your local, county, state, or federal government.

Gather Data

Is the business follwoing all the required practices? Are there any waivers being granted?

Understand the Permit

Read through the permit application using A First Look at Technical Documents. If there are any unfamiliar units being used, see Common Units. If there are legal limits, or health-based standards that must not be exceeded, see Limits and Levels.

Explore Strategies

Do the permits allow emissions? Of what chemicals? Learn more about those chemicals using the ATSDR ToxFAQs. You can communicate about their toxicity using As Toxic As...?

Make Your Case

When you have the key facts you want to communicate to decision-makers or to the community, Communicating with Numbers helps you make your case effectively in words, images, and fact sheets.