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Statistics for Action (SfA) is a collaboration between TERC and environmental advocacy organizations to help people in communities affected by environmental contamination. SfA can help people:

  • Understand terms, units, and concepts in environmental data.
  • Analyze data to help communities strategize
  • Assess risks to health from environmental contamination
  • Communicate key data to decision-makers and the community

You can make the numbers come alive. Once the people understand, they are more likely to get engaged and active. -- Environmental organizer

Our materials include guides for environmental testing, activities that build concepts and skills, videos illustrating ideas or community situations, and full-length magazine about community environmental advocacy. You can navigate around this web site to get some guidance for using SfA materials, browse all of our materials, access environmental data, or learn more about the project.

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These four videos give a complete overview of the SfA website and materials. Watch the individual videos below, or watch all four in a playlist (17:37). For best results, use full-screen mode at maximum quality.

What's a Liter? Parts per Million in Water
  1. What is SfA? (2:30)
  2. What Does SfA Offer? (5:09)
  3. How Do I find the SfA Resource That's Right for Me?(4:18)
  4. How Do I Use SfA Activities? (5:40)

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